Joint Cricketism: India and Australia play cricket for sharing 100s and 50s!

-Abdul Ruff Colachal (Specialist on Sport Fixing)



Part-I : Characteristics of joint cricketism

It is a known truth that batboys at the crease with bats get runs not just by running between wickets but mainly by hitting 4s and ^s and this happens mainly because of the weak and hollow bowlers who are trained to act too much with a ball on the field in order to generate a false impression about their intended efforts for wickets while in fact they only help the batboys increase the run rates .


If one thinks upon winning the toss, a team opts for bowling the bowlers would be seriously reckless with the ball, disappointment would be the results as bowlers bowl to give as many runs as the batboys want especially the bowling team that comes to “attack” first.


Every bowling team needs a couple of wickets to impress the crowds that know noting or care about nothing about match fixing. Once one or two wickets fall, the bowlers offer too many runs as per their mutual agreements- from 3 runs per over to 15 runs per over, depending on the format they choose to fool the public. The team also decide prior about the “estimated score” for the team bating first.

After giving as many runs in 4s and 6s etc, the team that bats second has to chase down the total to win the match if it can while getting back 100s runs, a record, etc as return favors. If the team had given too many runs, it is difficult to chase down the total if the bowlers are reckless.

That is reason why India always want to bat first by somehow”winning” the toss. The bowlers and fielders would keep in mind the target score and work towards that without harming batboys. The score for the first bating team is also decided from 150 to 600 runs, depending on the format they choose.

Generally, bowlers can target w stumps or wickets or reduction in run flow only towards the end of the match when the ”needy batboys” are safely with 100s etc.

One would be surprised to watch how the fiddlers derecognize the site of the stumps when they throw the ball to effect runouts. After so much of “training” by paid coaches, the fielders and bowlers have no idea about the stump attack. The fact remains the cricket boards, captains and corporate mafia discourage all serious bowling and fielding. Once in a while something happens but that is not a rule, only an unintended anomaly.

Interestingly, as top batboys fall cheaply , the commentators say that the tail enders defended the team exemplarily and they just shut their blind eyes and refused to say anything about bowler tricks to promote the batboys and maintain a good score for the opponent team. .

Umpires are agents of mafia that recommends umpires.

The cricket teams fix matches for 100s and they also decide which batboy deserves a quick 100 for which a couple of other batboys would quickly sacrifice their wickets.

Governments, managed by corrupt elements, thriving in dirty money and illegal wealth, also promote fake sports persons for more black/grey money and awards.

Governments do not want any law to contain fake sport operations in the name of entertainment.

Nor is there any effective international legal mechanism to punish all match fixing teams and captains. Governments and their intelligences cannot fool the public with the increasing joint cricket exercises.