Congress promoted corny capitalism, corruption in India!


Congress promoted corny capitalism, corruption  in India!



[No Muslim with faith in Islam can support or promote corrupt parties like Congress that  indeed  target the Muslims, Islam and mosques!]
When the Congress led UPA promoted the BJP led NDA policies, now the BJP is pursuing the Congress party’s economic policies based on crony capitalism. Essentially, therefore, Congress and BJP are two sides of the same India shine coin. In fact it sit second arrival the UPA went ahead with crony capitalism by allowing rampant corruption in every ministry, allowing enough parasitic trends in all walks of life.


Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram, speaking at the launch of a book: “The election that changed India’ in Delhi on Friday, claimed that the way UPA government could have handled the 2G issue differently and that it caused a lot of damage to the Congress party’s image.  Chidambaram said that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have shown a strict refusal to the ‘first come first serve’ basis of the 2G licence allocation and employed a better way to allot the same. Singh was aware of the retrospective amendment in Income Tax Act, which is considered as a major blunder of the UPA government as it hit FDI in India.

However, 2G spectrum scam was a just a an element of UPA corruption deals. Indian corruption is like free flowing subsidized liquor in clubs. Indian system provides the necessary political climate to promote corruption freely.

By projecting Pakistan as the threat to Indian interests, the Congress party led UPA promoted rampant corruption as its major policy; it allowed the rich to grow richer and corporates to increase their wealth many times both in the country and abroad. Cases are field only to tarp select people and to loot their illegally made cash.


The Congress party, the most “talented” party in corruption based politics, would not feel shame that it is instrumental in promoting black money, money laundering in connivance with other political parties like BJP. The  government of an innocent looking Manmohan Singh  let   the corrupt elements to thrive and make their own empires, in all walks of life including in cricket, where BCCI mafias that include the  incumbent finance and  defence minister  Arun Jaitley,  decide  who should be given Bharatratna. By using all these “patriotic” sections of politicians and industrialists, the UPA government misruled India for years to produce a parasitic political order in the country.


Even the BJP regime is  not revealing the details of money laundering because  those involved also include their own  favorites,  the  rich and  corporates who may finance the BJP in the poll and otherwise. This explains why the Congress party has been so bold in promoting corruption in India.

As the core Indian media keep the minds of  people engaged in anti-Pakistan, anti-Islam tunes,  as Indian youth are engaged in watching the fake cricket matches, Indian regime openly helps the rich, industrialists and multinationals in looting and sharing Indian resources and also simultaneously crushing the poor people.


Here is a neat cheat story of Indian parasitism and Nehru dynasty that ruled India for decades as its legitimate custodians.

Nehru Dynasty’s new addition now as son-in-law of Congress supreme command Sonia Gandhi and brother-in-law of Rahul Gandhi, Robert Vadra,  has been building economic empire for himself by misusing the UPA government, which  had been supported by many, including,  left parties.

The  real estate assets of Robert Vadra in Gurgaon and elsewhere and turning Vadra’s real estate companies from Rs50 lakh capital to Rs 500 crore in less than five years. It could have h gone further and still faster, had the Congress party own the parliamentary elections, even if they had lost the Haryana state.

As powerful Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra launched six companies hoping to be the realty czar of Rajasthan and Haryana and now is now closing them one by one. Vadra’s dreams were shattered after the Congress lost power in both the states.

In promoting Vadra, Sonia-Rahul led Congress has committed a crime against the people of India, especially the common men.  Arrival of equally corrupt BJP, which the Congress party had in fact nourished, as Congress-B, to protect Hindutva interests of  Indian indoors  and abroad and in effectively controlling the Muslims,  has now crushed not only the  Congress party ,its allies, Nehru dynasty, but also  the latest addition Vadra as well.

The four companies Vadra has already closed include Lifeline Agrotech Private Limited, Greenwave Agro Private Limited, Rightline Agriculture Private Limited and Primetime Agro Private Limited. The two companies in the process of closing, as per the ministry of corporate affairs are Future Infra Agro Private Limited and Best Seasons Agro Private Limited. All the six companies were incorporated in 2012. Harbans Lal Pahwa, in his 70s, who served as director of one of the companies of Vadra, many believe, was and remains instrumental in building up. The six companies Vadra closed are apparently agro-based and may be dealing with land transactions and agricultural technology, as the name suggests, in the absence of any financial details or returns.


Vadra holds the position of managing director in all the six companies. None of these companies has filed annual returns or balance sheets since inception, obviously because Vadra is a part of Nehru dynasty, ruling India for decades with interruptions. He felt himself the ruler of India and so Vadra was not filing financial returns of his companies since 2011 and was planning to close some of the companies. As per the ministry of corporate affairs records, all the companies were active till May this year.


Vadra started the process of closing the companies soon after the BJP-led NDA government took over the reins of the country. Vadra has not only started closing his companies but is also selling land in both the states fearing stringent monitoring and actions by the state and central governments. Vadra’s fortune witnessed a rise only after he started dealing in realty sector and bought huge tracts of land in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand. However, most of his deals came under the scanner, due to alleged dubious transactions and unverified sources of money.  For example, four of Vadra’s companies — North India IT Parks Private Limited, Real Earth Estates Private Limited, Sky Light Realty Private Limited, Sky Light Hospitality Private Limited — are already under the scanner for land deals in Rajasthan, where he has reportedly bought several thousand acres of land at throwaway prices. All these companies are still active, as per government records.

In a flurry of deals between June 2009 and August 2011, Robert Vadra purchased at least 20 plots of land collectively measuring more than 770 hectares in Rajasthan’s Bikaner district. The value of the land shot up drastically as eight months later the ministry of non-conventional and renewable energy announced the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Policy under which huge subsidies were offered for setting up grid tight solar plants. The BJP government in the state ordered a probe. The then Rajasthan government has also allegedly changed the course of NH-15 to benefit Vadra, around which he had brought another tract of land. Similarly in March 2011, a controversy had erupted over Vadra using DLF money to buy land in Haryana. He had disclosed this fact in his financial statements submitted to the ministry till March 2011. However, since then, Vadra has not been filing financial statements.

Sonia Gandhi, had she been genuine nationalist leader,  should  not allowed her son in law to  make use of the  UPA government  to build an empire by cheating India  to the tune of crores that could have helped  the poorest in India to  feed themselves  for  existence.  Instead, Sonia allowed her son in law, along with many other rich fellows, to cheat the government and make quick money and increase the illegal wealth.


True,  Congress party also works in tandem with other major political parties for special reasons, including BJP in squandering the state resources.  The BJP is also known for its illegal mining and cash transactions, horse trading business, etc and Congress knows it is also safe when all political parties are one and the same   in cheating the nation and people.


Since no political party goes to the courts against other political parties on corruption and illegal wealth issues,   illegal wealth making has been going on as their major passion of politicians, among others.


Corruption cases come to light only in select situations to target the individuals for specific reasons.  The guilty persons also escape by paying huge money to the “concerned”.  Jayalalithaa or Lalu Prasad case is just only an example.  The leaders who promote corruption and shield the guilty are also very safe in India.


Alas, the Indian judiciary, unfortunately, has no jurisdiction over the corruption issues to investigate on their own and bring the guilty to justice.

That is indeed a sad commentary on the democracy!
No Muslim with faith in Islam can support or promote corrupt parties like Congress that indeed target the Muslims, Islam and mosques!

That is, as the prominent ruling party, Congress has no scruples to promote crony capitalists, including Madam’s son in law should open the eyes of those pro-people politicians, if any, in India.


Indian regime is engaged in a smear economic campaign to generate billionaires by selling state enterprises and estates while letting individuals loot nation’s resources. Congress people ask why not India’s on in law Robert Vadra, who is an Indian and not a Pakistani?

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India: BJP wants to replace Congress in Jammu Kashmir!


 BJP wants to replace Congress in Jammu Kashmir!

(A Free Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 204)





The ultra Hindutva party BJP cannot but be overwhelmed by the support extended to it by so-called secular Congress for its Hindutva agenda, so openly pursued in Jammu Kashmir. Although BJP calls the Congress a pseudo-secular outfit, pampering Muslims without any real benefits to them for their vote, but they know that congress party manages Muslim votes only by sheer coercion by using BJP as a monster party.


In fact, the Congress and BJP joint gimmicks can make envious even the Republican and Democratic parties engaged in joint gimmicks in USA, targeting resources of Mideastern Arab nations. .


Congress party has done its part in making Hindus prominent in Jammu Kashmir assembly with a mere puppet chief minister Omer Abdullah obeying the orders from New Delhi and Congress high command.


In fact, in  pursuing the Hindutva  agendas of “secular” India, Congress has managed make to even a Hindu as Deputy chief minister of JK when entire country has no such posts existing, not even in Kerala where Muslims are in a commanding position with many MLAs.

People at large would wonder as to how a secular party Congress could advance the India’s Hindutva policy as aggressively as the Hindutva parties led by BJP.


BJP has been as Indian policy focusing on Jammu region and has made gains. BJP now targets the Kashmir valley as well. Now the PDP is also focusing on Jammu region very earnestly.


As a powerful anti-incumbency wave sweeping against the National Conference–Congress government, the BJP is keen to make the best out of Modi factor to win the JK assembly polls, and with NC and independents to form a coalitional, albeit fragile, government in Srinagar, to be supported by the Modi’s BJP’s government in New Delhi. .


However, the Maharashtra poll did not show the Modi shine in a proper format and could not win majority in the assembly because of the Siva Sena factor and this phenomenon seems to be worry the BJP and RSS alike as they face the polls in the troubled JK.


With the build-up of media and money resources, the BJP has been cleverly polarising votes in Jammu region in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi plus the usual Pakistan factor. The BJP is attempting to make inroads in Kashmir Valley by selling its towering leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s peace initiatives with Pakistan and separatists.


However, the ground reality does not support BJP’s rise to power in JK easily as Kashmiri Muslims in both Jammu and Kashmir regions who feel the insult and injury committed on them by Hindutva forces and military do not favor BJP as well. The phenomenon emergence of the BJP with assistance from Congress party and NC, already raises fears about Kashmiri identity.


Congress party has failed people both at the national and JK levels.



Even if it cannot form the government in coalition, the BJP aims at replacing Congress as the main opposition in the state.  That they would consider as their achievement in Muslim dominated Kashmir.


Under the anti-incumbency mood in the state, it is likely that the PDP will form government and with Congress out, only the BJP can be the opposition if they win more seats than other parties. However,   if people to judge the BJP on the basis of the performance of their MLAs, in the outgoing assembly, then, BJP would be left out of JK at par with its secret ally the Congress.


While the national Conference is already thinking of shifting to BJP to form the government enjoys power sharing against the genuine interests of Kashmiri Muslims if it wins enough seats.


BJP could be grateful to Congress for its constant help in protecting anti-Muslim forces in India. If at all the BJP becomes the opposition party in JK, it is because of its aggressive anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan plus Hinduism gimmicks (like Amarnath Yatra) that have been ably supported by Hindutva wings within the Congress party led UPA government.

The implications of the upcoming elections in JK are beyond government formation and the results would be crucial to safeguarding interests of the state, resolution of explosive Kashmir problem and securing the rights of Kashmiri Muslims in the state and in India.


Clearly, the BJP, from a strong position in Jammu region, would be able to make its own inroads into Kashmir valley only if there is a successful poll boycott. Incumbent CM Abdullah said that the NC became a victim of the compulsions of a coalition and his government would have been able to move forward on the political side if it wasn’t a coalition government. The birth of PDP happened only after the NC passed the autonomy resolution in the assembly. “We are aware that this party was created as a response to our attempt to bring autonomy to the state. PDP was created to divide the vote in Kashmir and make it difficult for us to form a government on our,” he said. “New Delhi had recognised Kashmiri voters wouldn’t go with a national party, so they created a regional competitor for us. Our voice has been divided now.”


Kashmiri Muslims, especially the freedom groups, have a duty before the fellow humans and they should vote to save the remaining Muslims in Kashmir valley.  They must change their political policy of armed struggle against a powerful military of India that has been responsible for the death of over 100, 000 innocent Muslims in Kashmir alone.


True, Kashmiri Muslims have never been so sure of fairness of elections conducted essentially by the military forces in the state. Instead of a credible rehabilitation plan, the BJP government and Congress-NC state government have hurried up for polls to claim Indian legitimacy for occupational crimes. PDP has no objections, too.


After they lost Lok Sabha polls, the Congress-NC were using power to manage promotions, backdoor appointments, transfers. The state government has submitted a plan worth Rs 44,000crore to the central government many rich guys are waiting to enjoy the money they would get from huge projects after the colossal tragedy. .

A possible fractured mandate in JK can be averted only if the freedom groups come together to fight poll by providing historic opportunity to the people of Jammu Kashmir to assert their identity, political rights and constitutional distinction. Only they can stop the Hindutva forces to push for CM or Deputy CM to be reserved for Hindu leaders who oppose such posts for Muslims elsewhere in Indian states.


Interestingly, Hindu leaders oppose a Muslim to become Indian prime minister for obvious reasons- the most important one being the inferiority complex  they suffering from for vague reasons. The button for all nukes India possesses, moreover, is under the PM’s control- under the control of president of India – reason why a Muslim could become president of India and not PM of India.


However, no such implication is associated with a Muslim becoming CM of a state.  It is just the Hindu bosses do not want a Muslims to be their CM.


All other reasons are just false.



*د. عبد راف *

Educationist, Prolific writer, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chronicler of Foreign occupations &
Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International
Affairs(CIA);  Commentator  on world affairs & sport fixings, Expert on
Mideast Affairs, university teacher; Author of books/ebooks; Editor.